safepaas200pxSan Francisco, CA – September 22, 2016 – SafePaaS by FulcrumWay, a leading provider of risk-based management controls, introduced MonitorPaaS at Oracle Open World, a platform that delivers actionable insight into business processes for a timely response to risk events based on tolerance and treatment guidelines established by the management and mandated by the regulators. MonitorPaaS tracks configurations, master data and transactions in business applications based on the rule logic that meets governance, risk or compliance objectives.

MonitorPaaS comes pre-seeded with more than a thousand rules that can be configured to address business objectives. Business managers can continuously monitor process activities within any enterprise application with instant access to the largest catalog of automated application monitors which cover the major processes such as Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, Hire-to-Retire, Design-to-Ship, and Financial Record-to-Report.

MonitorPaaS enforces a granular level of risk mitigation to targeted users and events by invoking approvals and notifications when key risk fields are modified. For example, users could require approvals and reasons for changes to customer credit limits and prevent posting of Journal Entries into a closed period without approval from the Controller.

“Today more than ever, organizations need to transform risk management practices from manual controls to automated fine-grained controls that monitor business activities enabled by enterprise applications” said Jane Jones, Global Director of Channels and Alliances.  “We are rapidly moving into a digital universe where an increasing number of people are connected to enterprise applications online (cloud-computing), and ‘things’ (smart devices) connected to the internet are unleashing new waves of opportunities. With MonitorPaaS, you can make process improvements by enforcing consistent application setup and operating standards.  For example, notify the Payables Manager if a key application configuration, such as 3-way-match for AP invoice payments, is changed. Setup a dashboard for the Purchasing Manager to track changes to master data, such as supplier bank accounts, to know who, when, where and what changed,” she added. 

SafePaaS by FulcrumWay is a leading provider of risk-based enterprise controls management solutions that help organizations leverage enterprise management applications to gain strategic opportunities through reliable, rapid and easy access to the largest ERP Controls Catalog available in the cloud.  SafePaaS by FulcrumWay’s ERP Controls expertise, proven methodology, and integrated controls management services enable organizations to leverage information technology investment and turn enterprise risk into improved business performance. SafePaaS by FulcrumWay is a privately held corporation, serving clients in North America with a regional presence in California, New York, and Texas, as well as clients in South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia with an international presence through a partner network and technology solution center in India.