Assess Cyber Threats and Internal Vulnerabilities

  •         Detect risk of enterprise data breach
  •         Mitigate data risks with database access monitoring
  •         Remediate and Prevent unauthorized data changes

Database Vulnerability Monitor

FulcrumWay Database Vulnerability Monitor enables you to detect fraudulent, unauthorized, unusual and erroneous data access or changes within your mission critical data such as financial data, personnel data and customer data by monitoring privileged user activity. This tool continuously monitors database and application activities of all users granted special privileges as well as potential hackers to perform tasks such as maintaining master data, updating system configurations or accessing sensitive data.

We enable your IT Security and Audit teams to:

  •         Discover and categorize sensitive data
  •         Detect database misconfiguration and weak access controls
  •         Maintain audit trails of sensitive data access and updates


 FulcrumWay Database Vulnerability Monitor audits any user with direct access to database, as well as ERP user based on their Login ID. The database monitors can also be activated automatically through approval of requested access via configurable workflow.

Once the database monitor is active, our service captures all user activity and stores a complete audit trail. Your control owners, compliance managers and internal auditors are notified of violations based on pre-defined thresholds. Our database monitor mitigates privileged user and potential hacker access risks while automating the enterprise database auditing process.

The software tool includes preconfigured reports for SOX, PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) and data privacy which can be used to ensure compliance with the corporate policies, periodic security sign-off and security incident management.