Health Care Provider and Payer Solutions

• Improving Patient Care and Outcomes While Maximizing Efficiency and Containing Costs
• Reduce Fraud, Waste, and Losses in Procure to Pay Cycle
• Restrict Access to Sensitive Data and Transactions with Roles Management Controls

Health systems around the world are facing unprecedented challenges that require policy makers, payers, providers, and suppliers to rethink how they work. Healthcare providers and payers are confronting the hard reality that the current pace of cost escalation is not sustainable. While the problems are well known the solutions are taking time to materialize – and time is running out. The organizations that succeed will be those that are able to adapt and innovate while managing risks.

Leading Healthcare organizations are using FulcrumWay Smart Controls Cloud to implement advanced controls in business applications that enable the delivery of high-quality care and improved patient satisfaction, as well as enable streamlined workflow processes, and secure information exchange. Advanced business application controls address a variety of risks and challenges, including U.S. government mandates for implementing meaningful use of electronic health records (EHR), improving patient information access, and delivering accountable care.

FulcrumWay Roles Manager can help design business application roles that restrict access to sensitive data and transactions by selecting templates from a catalog of pre-configured roles, and tailoring for business conditions which also comply with access policies.