High Tech Industry Solutions

• Control Revenue Leakage and Ensure Compliance with Revenue Recognition Policies
• Mitigate Supplier Risks and Optimize Supply Chain Management
• Streamline Talent Management, Improve Employee Retention

The high technology industry has one of the most multifaceted, stretched and geographically diverse supply chains, with products often traveling across multiple international boarders all before their first end­customer shipment. The impact of disruption and variability in either supply or demand can have a range of negative effects on the enterprise. Revenue leakage is a real problem facing the industry, due to a complex revenue management chain. “Revenue leakage amounts to 9% of an enterprise’s revenues.” – According to Aberdeen Group, a research firm. Weak Internal controls in the underlying systems are therefore prone to revenue leakage through fraud, errors, or mismanagement. High Tech organizations are subject to additional losses through penalties if the revenue recognition method does not comply with guidelines issued by FASB, IASB, etc.

FulcrumWay Smart Controls Cloud includes industry specific advanced Controls for ERP business applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite and Peoplesoft to continuous monitor across Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash and Hire-to-Retire processes. Advanced Controls can detect risk incidents, while ensuring data quality and providing feedback on key performance metrics across the entire process. You can improve checks and balances, identify process efficiency opportunities and prevent revenue leakage and mitigate impact of supply chain disruption. FulcrumWay OAT Analytics can also leverage Advanced Controls to investigate recovery opportunities to improve revenue generation, margins and profitability.

FulcrumWay Roles Manager can improve employee productivity and retention by enabling you to design business application roles leveraging a pre-configured catalog of roles, which match employee job roles and also comply with Segregation of Duty (SOD) policies.