Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals Industry Solutions

• Reduce risk via process validation and compliance
• Improve Master Data Governance to gain operational efficiencies in clinical trials
• Accelerate and optimize the discovery pipeline with Advanced Analytics

Organizations in the Life sciences and Pharmaceuticals industry have to consider a wide range of emerging risks as they adapt their business to changing regulatory and market-driven pressures, including globalization, the advancement of technology, and the changing expectations of stakeholders. Many organizations are implementing advanced enterprise controls in business systems to mitigate risk via validated business process and manage regulatory compliance in response to these rapidly evolving pressures. Organizations can also gain a higher return on investments in ERP systems by deploying advanced controls that leverage exiting information systems to improve operational efficiencies
FulcrumWay Smart Controls Cloud includes a catalog of advanced controls for ERP systems that can mitigate risks in business process, improve operational efficiencies with effective master data governance.

FulcrumWay OAT Analytics can enable management to gather real-time information across the organization—including multiple research programs, regulatory groups, manufacturing facilities, and sales and marketing teams. FulcrumWay Roles Manager can improve employee productivity and retention by enabling you to design business application roles leveraging a pre-configured catalog of roles, which match employee job roles and also comply with Segregation of Duty (SOD) policies.

Discover new opportunities for your business with FulcrumWay DataProbe. DataProbe™ is a data discovery tool that you can connect to your enterprise business applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, Peoplesoft, J D Edwards, SAP, and Seibel. You can easily generate risk assessment reports that are simple to understand and identify ERP security access control violations, misconfigurations in ERP systems, suspicious transactions, and master data management issues.