Travel, Transportation and Logistics Industry Solutions

• Achieve profitability targets by monitoring key throughput, asset utilization, and load balance.
• Improve operations with advanced analytics for fuel pricing, fleet specifications, and maintenance scheduling
• Control expenses with better visibility into daily vehicle running costs, vehicle age, and book value


The amount of data generated by Travel, Transportation, and Logistics companies, especially considering the incredibly high numbers of vehicles and shipments, is unusually high. Travel, Transportation, and Logistics companies who distribute goods to millions of customers and manage large supply chains across many channels often deploy analysis and reporting capabilities to far more users than most other companies. In additions, such companies also need to maintain security controls over information systems across a user base that is spread around the globe.

FulcrumWay Smart Controls Cloud includes a catalog of advanced controls for ERP systems that can mitigate risks in business process, improve operational efficiencies with effective master data governance. FulcrumWay OAT Analytics can enable managers to discover patterns in enterprise data, and use this insight to improve bottom line, significantly reduce cash leakage and post-audit recovery costs, improve revenue recognition timing, safeguard integrity of financial statements, reduce cost of internal and external audits, increase visibility into controls environment and mitigate exposure to fraud. Advanced analytics can enable companies to predict customer needs and behaviors, optimize pricing, improve production efficiency, and streamline inventory management.

FulcrumWay Roles Manager can improve employee productivity and retention by enabling you to design business application roles leveraging a pre-configured catalog of roles, which match employee job roles and also comply with Segregation of Duty (SOD) policies.

Discover new opportunities for your business with FulcrumWay DataProbe. DataProbe™ is a data discovery tool that you can connect to your enterprise business applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, Peoplesoft, J D Edwards, SAP, and Seibel. You can easily generate risk assessment reports that are simple to understand and identify ERP security access control violations, misconfigurations in ERP systems, suspicious transactions, and master data management issues.